These statutes have been published in the appendixes (schedules) of the Belgian law gazette (Moniteur Belge/Belgisch Staatsblad) of 9 June 1934, changed in the appendixes (schedules) of 5 September 1968, 2 September 1982, 26 March 1998, 10 June 2004 and 24 july 2014.


Chapter III


Article 16 – The grant consists of:

  1. the immovable goods necessary to the aims of the Association;
  2. the capitals emanating from gratifications and income, unless the board of directors gives them another destination.

Article 17 – Revoked text.

Article 18 – Revoked text.

Article 19 – The annual income of the Association consists of:

  1. the income from its patrimony;
  2. the membership fees and contributions of its members;
  3. the subsidies of the State, the institutions, the entities and the public administrations;
  4. the produce of generous gifts the immediate use of which has been allowed by the board of directors (Article 16);
  5. the sources of income which appear exceptionally and, if necessary, with approval of the competent authorities.

Article 20 – A regular accounting of income and expenses is kept up to date and, eventually also an inventory.

A board of two accountants, who can be re-elected, is appointed every year by the general assembly. It is commissioned to check once a year the accuracy of the accounting of the Association and to report its conclusions to the general assembly.

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