These statutes have been published in the appendixes (schedules) of the Belgian law gazette (Moniteur Belge/Belgisch Staatsblad) of 9 June 1934, changed in the appendixes (schedules) of 5 September 1968, 2 September 1982, 26 March 1998, 10 June 2004 and 24 july 2014.


Chapter IV


Article 21 – The general assembly can only decide the dissolution of the Association if two third of the membership is present or represented. If this condition is not fulfilled, a second meeting can be summoned which will deliberate legitimately regardless the number of members present or represented.

Any decision will only be accepted when it has been decided by a four fifth majority of the members present or represented.

Any decision concerning the dissolution, taken by an assembly which does not consist of two third of the membership of the Association, will be submitted for homologation to the civil court.

Article 22 – In case of dissolution, the general assembly will designate one or several liquidators, charged with the liquidation of the possessions of the Association. They will assign the net assets to charitable institutions or groups with, according to the general assembly, an aim similar to that of the Association.

Article 23 – Everything that is not provided for in the statutes will be settled in accordance with the law of twenty-seven June nineteen hundred twenty-one, which assigns corporate existence to non-profit associations.