These statutes have been published in the appendixes (schedules) of the Belgian law gazette (Moniteur Belge/Belgisch Staatsblad) of 9 June 1934, changed in the appendixes (schedules) of 5 September 1968, 2 September 1982, 26 March 1998, 10 June 2004, 24 july 2014 and 28 may 2019.


Chapter one

Article 1 – The Association of the Order of Leopold is a non-profit association created for an unlimited period. Its registered office is located Rue du Tabellion, 9 at 1050 Ixelles in the judicial district of Brussels (Business number 0407 405 047). It displays an unswerving devotion to Belgium and the monarchy.

Article 2 – Detached from any political, religious or philosophical concerns, the principal d aims of the Association are the following:

  • to keep inviolate the prestige linked to the highest distinction of the country;
  • to strengthen the bonds of friendship between the members;
  • to organize assistance and solidarity actions, according to the board of directors’ decisions, in favour of:
    • the members and their relatives;
    • the decorated of the Order of Leopold non members of the association and their relatives;
    • other physical or moral persons, at the proposal of members of the association

The pursuit of these aims is takes shape namely by means of the support of actions of national interest with a pedagogical, civic or cultural character and by any kind of moral or material help such as granting scholarships or rewards.

Article 3 – The number of members is indeterminate but must not be inferior to five.

Article 4 – The Association is composed of:

  1. titular members or patrons;
  2. adherent members or sympathizers;
  3. Honorary members

The titular member or patron has to justify he has been awarded the Order of Leopold.

In order to become an adherent member, one should prove his/her quality as a not remarried widower or widow, not remarried or new partner living together, or as an orphan under twenty-five, or a deceased member of the Order and be accepted by the board of directors.

The title of honorary president or honorary member can be granted by the board of directors to persons, who do or have done meritorious acts that have been reported to the Association.
This title entitles the persons, who obtained it, to be part of the general assembly without any obligation to pay a membership fee.

Article 5 – The quality of member of the Association expires:

1° By resignation handed in to the board of directors. Is considered as resigning, any member who does not pay his/her membership fee and the same applies to those who have been excluded or suspended from membership by the Order.

2° By exclusion because of serious motives pronounced by the general assembly, at the proposal of the chairman of the board of directors, after the member concerned has been previously invited by above mentioned board to give his/her explanations.

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