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The Association of the Order of Leopold organises numerous cultural activities for its members and their guests. The yearly program usually comprises two important trips abroad and two monthly activities: lectures, visits to exhibitions, companies, cities and castles…
A planning is set up and gradually completed with many other events. These are announced in the course of the year by means of NEWS, the internal information magazine of the Association. This magazine contains, in due time, all details concerning the activities as well as the temporary exhibitions for which the Association organises a guided tour.

Small changes of date for planned activities may occur.


Thursday 16 januari Ghent: Exhibitions “Crossroads” & “War, occupation, liberation”
Tuesday 28 januari New Year Reception
Tuesday 4 februai Exhibition “Paul Delvaux, the man who loved trains”
Thursday 13 februari Exhibitions in Brussels: “Bruegel in black and white” and “Keith Haring”
Thursday 12 march “A blend of Central Africa”
Tuesday 28 april Exhibitions in Liège: "Hyperrealism sculpture" and "Toutankhamon"
Tuesday 5 may Statutory General Assembly
From 10 to 17 may The castles and gardens of the Weser
Monday 25 may Breendonk


Thursday 10 januari Ghent: Exhibitions "Ladies of the Baroque" & "From Bosch to Tuymans: a new story"
Tuesday 15 januari New Year Reception
Monday 28 januari Presentation of the trip The lakes of northern Italy
Thursday 28 februari Exhibitions in Brussels: “Bernard van Orley. Brussels and the Renaissance” and “The Grand Place to be”
Thursday 14 march IRPA and Exhibition “Beyond the Great War 1918-1928”
From 6 to 13 april Cruise “The Loire, a royal river”
Thursday 18 april RTBF tour: making of
Thursday 9 may Exhibitions: “Liège. Masterpieces” and “Generation 80 experience”
Monday 13 may Statutory General Assembly
Thursday 20 june Exhibition in Brussel: “Wim Delvoye” and “The Bruegel experience”
Thursday 4 july Rose garden Coloma
From 9 to 15 september The lakes of northern Italy
Monday 30 september Presentation of the trip "The castles and gardens of the Weser"
Friday 12 october Lecture "75 Ans après. Août-septembre 1944, une libération si facile ?" by Alain Colignon, historian (CegeSoma/ULg)
Friday 18 october Gala dinner
Thursday 7 november Exhibitions in Brussels "Brancusi" and "Dali-Magritte"
Thursday 5 december Tribute to the founder of the Order of Leopold
Thursday 12 december The Brussels mushroom in Cureghem


Tuesday 9 januari New Year Reception
Thursday 18 January Presentation of the trip to Valencia and Xàtiva
Thursday 25 januari Exhibition "Magritte, Broodthaers & contemporary art" and the Court of Accounts
Tuesday 27 februari Exhibitions in Brussels: "Fernand Léger.  Beauty is everywhere" & "Spanish still life"
Thursday 15 march Exhibitions at the Cinquantenaire "Oceania" & "Opening of the Wolfers Frères jeweler"
Thursday 27 April Ixelles: Isabelle De Borchgrave’s workshop and Constantin Meunier’s  workshop-museum
Monday 23 April Conference “The Patents of the Order of Leopold during the reign of Leopold I” by Colonel Eric Tripnaux
Thursday 3 may Bibliotheca Wittockiana
Tuesday 15 may Statutory General Assembly
Thursday 21 june Nivelles
From 27 June to 7 July Cruise Saint-Petersburg-Moscow
Tuesday 17 july Domaine Solvay in La Hulpe
Monday 30 July Presentation cruise “The Loire, a royal river”
Thursday 23 august Antwerp: Exhibition “Michaelina, the great lady of the baroque” & guided tout “the little island”
Thursday 20 September Two new museums to discover: MoMuse and Kanal
Saterday en Sunday 16 september Heritage days
From 17 to 21 september Valencia and Xàtiva
Friday 28 september Great concert Pastoureaux/Kiwanis
Friday 12 october Lecture from baroness Els Witte "Changements dans le système politique belge"
Friday 12 october Gala dinner
Tuesday 6 november Lecture "Histoire(s) d’espions. Une culture du renseignement existe-t-elle en Belgique"
Thursday 16 november Exhibitions in Brussels "Beyond Klimt" & "Theodoor Van Loon"
Wednesday 5 december Tribute to the founder of the Order of Leopold
Thursday 13 december Mons: Maison Losseau & exhibition "Niki de Saint-Phalle. Here everything is possible"



Tuesday 10 januari New Year Reception
Monday 16 January Presentation of the trip to Ireland
Tuesday 24 januari Cinquantenaire: exhibition “Ukiyo-e” & Circuit XII – XVIII century
Saturday 11 februari Art in the Senate
Thursday 16 march Brussels: La Fonderie and MIMA
From 11 to 17 april Cruise “From Paris to Honfleur”
Thursday 27 april Visit 15th Wing Air Transport and Dakota Historical center
Tuesday 10 may Statutory General Assembly
Thursday 11 may

Brussels: exhibitions “Rik Wouters” and “Pol Bury. Time in motion”

Tuesday 25 July Presentation cruise Saint-Petersburg-Moscow
Thursday 3 august Splendor and Curiosity at the Château de Seneffe
Thursday 3 September Cinquantenaire: exhibition “Once Upon a time” & the park of the Cinquantenaire, thirty hectares of history, culture and greenery
From 21 to 29 september Ireland
Tuesday 10 october Lecture: "Le Souffle d'Octobre Fit-il Trembler la Belgique" by Professor José Gotovitch
Friday 20 october Gala dinner
Thursday 26 october Bruges: exhibition "Pieter Pourbus and the forgotten masters" & visit of De Halve Maan brewery
Monday 6 november Lecture of M. Jérôme de Brouwer
Thursday 16 november Exhibitions in Brussels "Ancestors & rituals" & "Power and other things. Indonesia and art."
Tuesday 5 december Tribute to the founder of the Order of Leopold
Thursday 7 december Brussels: exhibitions "Islam is also our history! "&" Baudelaire <> Brussels



Thursday 6 januari Brussels: Exhibition “Pop Art in Belgium !” & guided tour of Sablon and Notre Dame du Sablon
Tuesday 13 januari New Year Reception
Thursday 21 January Presentation of the trip to Cathar country
Tuesday 3 februari Train World, train museum in Brussels
Saturday 5 march Brussels: Belfius collection
Friday 18 march Conference by Baron Francis Delpérée: "A l'Ordre, Considérations sur quelques articles de la constitution Belge!" ("Order! Considerations on some articles of the Belgian Constitution")
From 1 to 8 april Cruise “Naples – the Aeolian Islands – Milazzo – Messina – Vibo Marina – Salerno – amalfi Coast – Capri & Anacapri – Naples”
Thursday 28 april Brugge: exhibition "The Brueghel witches" and Lumina Domestica
Tuesday 10 may Statutory General Assembly
Tuesday 31 may

Liege: exhibition "From Salvator to Dali" and guided walk

Sunday 26 june Day by coach to Ronquières, lift Strépy-Thieu and the Bois du Cazier
Thursday 28 july Nature walk
Wednesday 10 august Liège: exhibitions “En plein air” and “From Salvadore to Dali”
Thursday 1 september Royal skating rink and guided walk “The most beautiful sgraffito”
From 12 to 19 september Cathar country
Monday 10 october Conference: "La constitution belge et la laïcité" by Mr Hervé Hasquin
Friday 14 october Gala dinner
Tuesday 25 october Conference "Que retenir de François Mitterrand en 2016" by Mr Hugues Le Paige
Thursday 27 october Liège: Exhibition “21 rue La Boétie” and the permanent collections of fine arts, showcase treasures Liège
Tuesday 8 november Exhibitions in Brussels: “Picasso. Sculptures” and “The power of the avant-garde”
Tuesday 22 november Conference “The SAS Special Forces Group” by Lieutenant Colonel BEM Tom Bilo
Sunday 10 december Tribute to the founder of the Order of Leopold & tour of the cemetery of Laeken



Tuesday 6 january Brussels: Exhibition “Constantin Meunier restrospective” & collection Crowet at het Museum Fin-de-Siècle
Tuesday 13 january New Year Reception
Thursday 22 january Presentation of the trip to East Anglia
Tuesday 3 february Cinquantenaire: Preciosa collection & exhibition "Lascaux"
Tuesday 3 march Exceptional guided tour of Belgacom Art Exhibitions in Brussels: "Portraits of the Renaissance in the Netherlands" and "The world of the Sultan"
Tuesday 2 april Mons: walk in the historic heart and exhibition "Van Gogh in Borinage: the birth of an artist"
Thursday 17 may Statutory General Assembly
Tuesday 19 may Belgian chocolate Village
From 25 to 29 may East Anglia
Thursday 11 june Exhibitions in Brussels: “Chagall” and “A history of Belgian fashion”
Thursday 16 july Nature walk
Tuesday 4 august Brussels: from Leopold quarter to the European quarter
Thursday 3 september Bruges: Exhibition “From Picasso to Joan Miro” and the Museum of fried
Tuesday 15 september Conference: “Royal abdication since 1900” by Professor Christian Koninckx
From 30 september
to 8 october
Cruise “5 Rivers”
Tuesday 10 october Conference: “Albert I king of the French.  Autopsy of a rumor” by Professor Francis Balace
Thursday 15 october Brussels Bourse: exhibition “Behind the numbers”
Tuesday 27 october One day Waterloo 1815 with departure from Brussels
Tuesday 17 november Brussels: exhibitions Europalia Turkey
Tuesday 1 december Cinquantenaire: exhibition “Coffin” and “Dhehoutyhotep”
Thursday 10 december Tribute to the founder of the Order of Leopold in the crypt of Laeken



Tuesday 7 january New Year Reception
Thursday 23 january Presentation of the trip to Armenia
Tuesday 28  january Thurn and Taxis: Exhibition "Given on the radio. 100 years of radio in Belgium" & "Brussels Antiques and Fine Arts Fair"
Thursday 20 february Exceptional guided tour of Belgacom Art
Thursday 15 march Brussels: exhibition “To the point: The Neo-Impressionist portrait” and the Museum Fin-de-Siècle
Thursday 3 april Exhibition at the Cinquantenaire “14-18, our history”
Tuesday 6 may Royal walk
Tuesday 13 may Statutory General Assembly
Thursday 19 june Visit to the Apiary of CELAFA
Tuesday 24 june Antwerp: Red Star Line museum & Eugeen Van Mieghem Museum
Thursday 10 july Ieper:  medieval promenade and the Museum Hospice Belle & the In Flanders Fields Museum
Tuesday 19 august Exhibition at Liege: “Liege in turmoil” & “I was 20 in 14”
Tuesday 2 september Institute Bruno Lussato
From 21 to 28 september North Cyprus
Thursday 2 october Presentation of the cruise "5 Rivers"
Tuesday 7 october Conference "The French invention of the cross of Belgian war in 1915" by Colonel BEM retr. Eric Tripnaux
Thursday 16 october Conference "1944-1945: turning or break in the Franco-Belgian relations?" by Professor Catherine Lanneau
Friday 24 october Academic session in the Senate
Tuesday 2 november A day with the bus in Namur region
Friday 28 november Gala concert of the Society of the Order of Leopold in collaboration with the Friends of the Royal Music Guides
Tuesday 2 december Exhibition in Brussels: "Painting of Siena" and "Sensation and sensuality. Rubens and His Legacy"
Wednesday 10 december Tribute to the founder of the Order of Leopold in the crypt of Laeken