Declaration of the association of the Order of Leopold with regard to the protection of the private life in reference to the general data protection rules (GDPR) in force since 25 May 2018

The Association of the Order of Leopold respects the legislation with regard to the protection of the private life.

Concretely this means:

  1. What are the data collected?

    The identities of those decorated in the Order of Leopold are published in the Belgian Official Gazette (Belgisch Staatsblad/Moniteur Belge). The Association only collects the personal data which it receives from each of its members individually, or from a third person (invited by a member).

    This data collection is done in connection with:

    • the keeping of a member register, internal to the Association, and the setting up of the member list, sent to the members;
    • a requested service (e.g. a candidature file to obtain a scholarship or a request for a financial solidarity intervention);
    • the organization of cultural activities or travels or meetings (such as the New Year’s reception or the annual gala dinner).
  2. Which data are processed?

    The Association only processes these data in certain cases:

    • when the member has explicitly authorized it (for instance at his registration regarding the communication of his identity and address to the other members, or of contact numbers for the annual publication of the membership list);
    • when their process is necessary for a requested service (e.g. the address for the mailing of a publication or the bank account number for the payment of a financial support);
    • on the supposition that the Association should legally be obliged to process the data (for example the mailing of the annual bulletin containing the account of the general meeting);
    • when the Association boasts a public or legal benefit (for example the publication in our annual Bulletin of the persons or organizations which received or granted a financial support; the identity of the deceased members).
  3. How does the Association process the personal data?

    The data of underage persons (for instance in case of a financial sponsorship of an underage child, orphan of a person posthumously decorated with the Order) and the sensitive personal data (for example information regarding health – in connection with the cultural travels – or a bank account number, national register number…) are always processed in a confidential way and are never divulged.

    The data are only used in function of the requested service or because of the organization of an activity for which the member or his guests have registered; so for instance the data will be used to inform the members of the events and activities of the Association, by means of the mailing of the News magazine.

    The Association never communicates the co-ordinates of its members to third parties for commercial purposes.

  4. How long does the Association keep the personal data?

    In regard with the storage of the membership register or the membership list, the duration of the storage of the data is linked to the duration of the membership with the Association.

    When it concerns a file of a candidature for the grant of a financial support (for instance a scholarship) or a registration for a travel, the personal data concerning for instance the health, are kept as long as necessary for the correct realization of the requested service.

    The Association may moreover be obliged to collect certain cumulated data for a longer period, in order to evaluate and adapt its own working (for example the statistics as to charity actions). Those data are strictly limited to internal use for the needs of the executive board.

  5. Does the Association keep the personal data in a secure way?

    The personal data are dealt with in a secure way.

    The Association uses the existing security measures to protect correctly the personal data such as the images on its Face book page against any other unauthorized access, use, loss or spread. The computer system stocking the data is provided with a strong anti-virus software updated with the requested regularity.

  6. Which steps are personally possible regarding the personal data?

    Any change of the co-ordinates can be requested at the secretary’s office of the Association.

    Each member is authorized to consult his (her) personal data used by the Association and if necessary correct or delete wrong or incomplete data.

    The Association’s director sets himself the task to watch the respect of the data protection.

    The director’s assistant will keep, with a view of the control institution, a register of the data as well as an internal regulation including the above-mentioned items.

    Any member feeling that his data are processed incorrectly is entitled to lodge a complaint with the privacy protection commission. (Data protection Commission DPC).

  7. Any question or remark can be sent by letter to the Association’s director, rue du Tabellion, 9 at 1050 Brussels or by mail.